why join?

To begin with, please understand that we here at Grace Crossing do not equate joining our church with joining God’s people.  Anyone who lives by faith in Jesus has already done that.  So why join?

First, because we are a congregational church, our members decide how we “do” church.  Members approve a yearly budget, determine who will serve as leaders, and decide the overall direction of the church.  Every member gets a voice!
Also, only church members can serve as Deacons, the spiritual leaders of our church who minister to our congregation.  Maybe you don’t see yourself as a leader now, but as God moves in you, you may find others will.

who can join?

Anyone who wants to!  We won’t ask you to sign a creed or list your sins for us, everyone is welcome in our church.  We believe that God is working in all of us, daily shaping us into who we will become.

How do i join?

Just let us know you want to.  We don’t vote to “approve” who joins our church, but we do ask you come forward after a service so that we can greet you and welcome you into our family. 

what about baptism?

If you’ve never been baptized, we will ask you to be baptized when you’re ready.  If you were baptized in another church, in another tradition, then we would never insult that decision by asking you to be
baptized again, regardless of the method used.